Fees and Pricing

  1. How much does it cost to list with VacayMyWay?
    1. There is no cost to list with VacayMyWay; we offer a wholesale/net rate pricing model which helps hosts retain up to 20% more booking revenue over alternative listing websites. You set your nightly rate and VacayMyWay will increase your rate by 9.5%, which covers the credit card processing and $5M damage and liability waiver on every booking.  You receive the full amount you have listed.
  2. What fees can I charge to guests?
    1. At VacayMyWay we offer complete Price Transparency, so when travelers search our properties, they know exactly how much a vacation rental will cost. No more nickel-and-diming with exceedingly high service fees that boost the total price infinitely higher than original search budgets. Our philosophy is to incorporate all expenses into one nightly rate in order to avoid that all-too-familiar sticker shock at the final booking stage. While we do still allow our hosts to itemize a cleaning service charge, we strongly suggest amortizing any additional fees (i.e., damage waiver fee, pet fee, admin fee) you might typically charge into your nightly rate. By offering a considerably lower booking commission, our hosts are able to hold on to more booking revenue, eliminating the need to charge extra fees to cover valuable property management services. 
  3. How should I price my cleaning service? 
    1. As a host, you are not required to charge a cleaning service fee, and in many cases, it’s best to roll this type of expense into your nightly rate.  Guests always appreciate this type of price transparency.  While the average cleaning service charged by hosts is $105, what you should charge entirely depends on multiple factors:
      1. Size & type of property (larger and luxury properties can typically charge a higher cleaning service compared to smaller, budget-friendly properties)
      2. Discouraging 1-night stays (most 1-night stay guests will be discouraged from booking when an additional $105 cleaning service is charged.  They will likely opt for a lesser expensive hotel option) 
      3. Type of cleaning service (self-clean vs. professional service can greatly impact pricing).
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