Will VacayMyWay issue a guest refund on behalf of the hosts?

VacayMyWay’s philosophy is to enable the Host and Guest to resolve any issues that may arise during a booking between themselves. If an agreeable solution is not feasible, VacayMyWay will assist to make a fair and equitable assessment of the best course of action. 

How do I issue a refund to a guest?

You can issue guest refunds up to 30 days after their departure date. Refunds are only available up to the dollar amount available in your Vacay account. You can always add funds to your Vacay account as needed. 

How does VacayMyWay handle chargebacks/credit card disputes?

As VacayMyWay is MOR (Merchant of Record) on all bookings, we will handle all chargebacks/disputes on your behalf.  If you have evidence useful for resolving a dispute, please submit it to our customer experience department via email at:, and be sure to reference your reservation number in the subject line. 

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