iCal Sync & Calendar Management

iCal Sync and Calendar Management

Keeping an accurate calendar is paramount to running a successful vacation rental business. Here are a couple of tips for effectively managing your calendar with VacayMyWay.

For our non-integrated Hosts:

Utilizing an iCal link will keep your VacayMyWay calendar synced with other listing platform calendars. Once your listing is published, navigate to the Calendar, and locate the calendar icon with the arrows pointing up and down in the upper right-hand corner. 

Next, you can import or export the iCal link.

You can also make manual blocks on your calendar at any time. This can be found in the Calendar section in the far upper right-hand corner (shown below), where it says “New listing.” 

You can then select the start date (check-in) and end date (check-out) of the block you would like to make. 

You can also add any notes associated with that particular block in the “Note” section. For example, “Roof repair” and then click “Block Dates.”

Your blocked dates with your note will now appear on your calendar!

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