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Local Destination Guide 

A great way to help your listing stand out from the competition is to include a destination guide with local insights on where to eat, local area activities, attractions and more. 

Here are our tips on what to include to stand out and earn repeat guest loyalty:

  • General information about the area
  • Best places to eat and drink nearby
  • Preferred methods of transportation and how to get around
  • Local attractions
  • Nearby activities 
  • Expected weather for different seasons
  • Nature and wildlife areas 
  • Local emergency services (hospital, urgent care, veterinary)

Hostfully is a fantastic resource to create a digital guidebook and even offers a free option. 

Professional Photos

If you have not yet invested in professional photos, now is the time.  Potential guests are looking online and pro photos are your way of standing out.  VacayMyWay has partnered with TruPlace Photography to offer our hosts a fantastic option for quality professional photos at an economical price.  For more information, please visit our Host Benefits page.  

The Vacay Standard

The Vacay Standard is a set of commonly found amenities in most vacation rentals. Once you select all amenities available in your property, guests will be able to search specifically for homes that meet these requirements.  For more details, please visit our Vacay Standard article.

Cancellation Policy Options

At VacayMyWay we strive for streamlined choices and ease of use. This is why we offer three powerful cancellation policies. These cancellation policies are centered around the length of stay and based on the probability of fulfilling a booking of a particular length.  

When selecting a cancellation policy for your property, keep in mind that the more flexible policy you offer, the greater chance of a guest booking your property, as most guests are searching for freedom to cancel when booking travel.

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