NextPax & VacayMyWay Integration Instructions:

VacayMyWay is an industry-disrupting vacation rental listing site designed to simplify the booking journey for guests and the listing process for hosts.  Specializing in low-cost bookings with transparent pricing, VacayMyWay includes guest ID verification and $2M damage protection in every reservation.  Empowering open communication between hosts and guests, we strive to enhance trust and clarity in the vacation rental travel experience.

Main Website:

So let's get started!

Step 1:   Create an account on 

Step 2:  Reach out to your NextPax account manager at and alert them you would like to turn on the VacayMyWay channel.

Step 3:  You will receive a contract from VacayMyWay to sign and finalize. 

Step 4: Highly recommended to maximize your listing’s potential.  Since VacayMyWay’s listings offer additional amenities and sub-amenities not included on NextPax’s platform, you can fine tune your listings, by selecting all amenities and sub-amenities that apply. This can be done within each property listing in your VacayMyWay account.Also offered is The ‘Vacay Standard', a distinctive list of amenities that we consider essential for every vacation rental.  If your property qualifies for the Vacay Standard, please check that box and the Vacay Standard badge will appear on that listing. 

**Note: Some amenities are grayed out and can not be modified on Vacay.  These can only be changed within NextPax. 

Step 5: Choose a Cancellation Policy: Your cancellation policy will default to our “Standard” level. If you wish to change it to a “Strict” or “Flexible” cancellation policy, simply revise the cancellation policy settings within the property listing. For more information, see Cancellation Policies.

Step 6: Publish: Click “select all,” then “publish” and start making money with Vacay! 

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