Damage Protection FAQ's

Property Protection, Simplified.

Included on every VacayMyWay booking, and entirely FREE!   

What it covers:

  • $5 million in Damage Protection - In the event guests cause property damage, your space is completely protected.
  • $5 million in Liability Protection - covering guests and hosts in the rare event that a registered guest is hurt, and the hosts liability insurance does not meet the liability owed due to insolvency.   
  • Pet Damage Protection - when unexpected damage happens from pets
  • Fast Reimbursements - Quick and easy, reimbursements within 3-5 days of filing a claim.
  • Guest ID & Property Verification - Each guest and host is ID verified, and every property is photo verified to ensure safety and accuracy. 
Complete protection from property damage and liability, coupled with property and host verification. 


  1. Do I still need vacation rental homeowner’s insurance? 
    1. While your property is protected when you’re hosting on all VacayMyWay bookings, it is not a substitute for homeowner’s insurance. Since everyone’s situation is different you should talk to your insurer to see how, or if, your policy overlaps.
  2. Is there a minimum amount for a claim? 
    1. Claims are accepted for any amount over $68.
  3. How do I file a claim? 
    1. Claim filing instructions can be found here: Damage Claim Procedure
  4. How long does a claim typically take to file?  
    1. After submitting photos and a 1-page claim form, claims are reimbursed within 3-5 days.
  5. How do you verify guests? 
    1. We contact the guest on your behalf. They are put through a combination of checks against our database and are also checked by our biometric and ID verification software.
  6. Will every guest be verified? 
    1. We verify the lead guest only, but if they have 3 or fewer reviews, we will need to identify other guests within their party.
  7. Will you pursue guests for damages?

    1. Yes. If the guest has caused damage and has registered with VacayMyWay, then we will look to subrogate the loss back to them where possible.
  8. What if I get a booking from a guest that has stayed before? Will they need to be verified again?

    1. Only if there is a substantial gap between the guest’s bookings. This allows us to complete checks on whether the guest has received bad reviews or caused damage in-between the bookings.
  9. Is my personal information and guest information safe? 
    1. Yes – our process has been designed to ensure your information is 100% secure. All personal information is encrypted, ensuring all personal identifying information remains protected. We will only ever show partial personal information to ensure the privacy of our members.
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