Connecting Your Hostaway Properties to VacayMyWay

This guide will walk you through the process of connecting your Hostaway and VacayMyWay accounts. Creating an API key in Hostaway and connecting it to your VacayMyWay account should only take a few minutes. 

Begin here: Sign Up on to create an account. Select Settings from the round profile icon in the upper right corner. Complete your Personal Information and Notification Settings fully to ensure your account is ready to publish listings, and receive booking notifications from VacayMyWay. We highly recommend enabling all notification settings as follows: Select your VacayMyWay profile, select settings, select notifications, select immediate for all email notifications, AND enable text messaging notifications for all communications. 

In your Hostaway account:

Step 1: Log into your Hostaway account, select Settings/Hostaway API

Step 2: Click Create to create a new public API. 

Step 3: Enter a name for the public API secret key, for example, "VacayMyWay", then click Create.

Step 4: Do not close the following window without copying the API key. This key is only available on this screen. However, if you close the window without copying the API key you can always create a new one from Step 2. 

Step 5: Switch to another page or tab, log in to your VacayMyWay account and click Settings

Step 6: On the left menu, click integrations, then Hostaway.

Step 7: Copy the Account ID from step 4 into the Account ID field in VacayMyWay. Next, copy the API Key from Hostaway by clicking the copy symbol to the right of the key, and pasting this into the API Key field in VacayMyWay. The results will look like the image below. Note: the entire key may not be visible after pasting it. This is okay.

Step 8: Click connect. Your properties will begin importing. For many properties, the import may take some time. Once the import is finished, please return to VacayMyWay settings and choose to publish your properties. If need assistance please contact

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