ID Verification

How do you verify guests? 

Every user is required to complete their VacayMyWay profile with up to date contact information (name, address, email, and phone number are required) to book or list properties on VacayMyWay. Users complete the ID verification process while creating their VacayMyWay account profile. Users are put through a combination of checks against our database and are also checked by our biometric and ID verification software. The user will scan a QR code to take a selfie and then upload a copy of photo identification card (such as Drivers License or Passport). There are no credit inquiries during the verification process. Users with an incomplete profile or incomplete verification will not be able to transact on VacayMyWay until these steps have been completed.

Does every user and property get verified?


Is my personal information and guest information safe? 

Yes – our process has been designed to ensure your information is 100% secure. All personal information is encrypted, ensuring all personal identifying information remains protected. We will only show partial personal information to ensure the privacy of our members.

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