Integration Limitations

While we continue to strive for improvements and more robust integrations, there are some limitations to all integrations. This document attempts to be thorough, but may not be entirely comprehensive. If you have questions or feedback, please contact support. We value your feedback. 

Booking/Reservation Management

The following actions must be performed on VacayMyWay. If changes are made in your PMS, they will not be reflected in VacayMyWay, to the guest, or honored by VacayMyWay.

Accepting a booking - Bookings must be accepted on VacayMyWay. However, we highly recommend turning on Auto approve bookings so that you do not have to take manual action.

Canceling a booking - Canceling a booking that is already accepted is highly discouraged, but may only be done via the VacayMyWay interface. 

Changing check-in or check-out - Editing a booking's check-in or check-out date cannot be done in your PMS. These changes are also not possible within VacayMyWay but will be added in the future. 

Changing price - Editing the booking price of an existing booking in your PMS will not be reflected in VacayMyWay. Changing an existing reservation is not possible within VacayMyWay but modifying an existing reservation will be added in the future. If you would like to issue a refund, please see the Refund documentation.

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