Limitations of the Integration with Hostaway

If you are using Hostaway as your PMS, there are a few additional limitations to understand.

Date Changes

VacayMyWay does not currently support changing booking dates. However, we understand the need to do so and it is on the roadmap. If a date change is attempted in Hostaway, you will receive the normal change email from Hostaway, but the change will be reversed by VacayMyWay in an attempt to keep the booking synced.

Price Changes, Discounts, and Fees

Since VacayMyWay is the merchant of record, no fees or discounts may be applied from Hostaway. 
If you would like to refund your guest, please refer to our documentation on refunds

If a date change or price change is made, VacayMyWay will revert the change in Hostaway in an attempt to keep the reservations synchronized. This will only occur on the first edit of the reservation. Further changes, however, will not be reversed. 

Canceling a Reservation

Canceling a reservation can only occur on VacayMyWay. If you cancel a reservation in Hostaway, the guest will not be refunded, nor will your calendar in VacayMyWay be unblocked until you cancel the booking in VacayMyWay. 

Guest Information

Guest information can be changed but will not have any effect on the guest or booking within VacayMyWay. Changing data such as the guest email will change the email that your Hostaway automated emails go to but will not make any changes to the guest's VacayMyWay account. 

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